Strategic principles

Based on our investment philosophy, we operate with an ‘open door’ approach to private equity, inviting discussions with businesses from a diversity of backgrounds. The strategic principles that guide the investment and business generation process are:

Grow in sectors where we can leverage our established brands, markets, networks, and business competencies
Make each of our businesses a regional market leader to derive maximum benefits from our economies of scale
Identify the right management teams and provide the support needed to establish a competitive advantage and enhance value

Investment stages

We conduct diligent research to evaluate target companies and industries, and focus on opportunities with prospects to create long term value.
Investments are selected on the basis of long term, sustainable value, or the basis of an emotional connection to or belief in the business.
We work with new investments on determining support requirements, whether that be financial, operational, managerial or engagement with our global network.
We typically proceed quickly with transactions and put in place the required support swiftly, setting us aside from larger financial institutions.
The capital and added value we provide is deployed to drive additional growth through accelerating the business in an existing local market or expanding into international markets, when possible leveraging the position, markets and location of our portfolio.
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