We do private equity with emotion, focussing on five central ideas:

Whilst assessment of the fundamentals of the business are part of any investment selection, we focus above all on the people and personalities behind our investments, knowing that real value resides in a management team with spirit, a belief in what it is doing and a dedication to its business.
Long term value
We invest in businesses and ideas with a view to building long term value. Our goal in any investment is to provide existing management teams with the financial capital, business expertise, energy and courage to create a sustainable business that delivers over the long term.
Unlike many traditional investment firms, we have the ability to support entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups right through to established, mid-sized and larger businesses looking to expand their operations and market share. We are not bound by strict investment criteria and consider each investment on its individual merits.
Seeking the unconventional
We have a history of investment and operating businesses in some of the world’s most challenging regions. We also have entrepreneurialism in our founding DNA. We are therefore comfortable evaluating and investing in unconventional business ventures, seeing opportunity where others might flinch.
Economic and societal value
Wherever possible we want to create broader value through our investments. We invest in many businesses in emerging markets and we take pride in creating economic value for both companies and the environments in which they operate.
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