The nd GROUP aims to grow its investment portfolio by connecting with companies that share our beliefs and that correspond to our strategic principles: focus, growth, and attaining market leadership.

Current and realized partnerships include companies and projects in logistics, technical and support services, property development, energy, fashion, financial services, food and beverage, and technology. Our network, operational expertise, financial capabilities, and entrepreneurial spirit are all very beneficial for new groundbreaking initiatives. nd GROUP is interested in new opportunities and invites companies that look for strong partners to meet with us, share ideas, and to discuss opportunities for collaboration.


nd GROUP has gained extensive expertise and experience in the services industries. Operating in many countries around the world and providing a broad variety of services to its customers, nd GROUP brings operational know-how, management experience, and the benefits of its vast network to current and future companies.

nd GROUP companies deliver services in various market segments, including facility management and infrastructure services, supply chain and logistics solutions, environmental services, and engineering and construction. These services are provided to governments, humanitarian organizations, and commercial market sectors including Oil & Gas, Mining, Energy, and Retail.


Global demand for energy is increasing exponentially, and many developing countries are struggling to generate enough power to fuel their growing economies. We are convinced that making renewable energy more readily available, along with furthering innovations that will improve energy storage and efficiency, are critical to global economic growth in the next decade and beyond.

nd GROUP develops and invests in companies and projects across the broad spectrum of energy generation with a special focus in sustainable or renewable energies, including geothermal, solar power, wind, and biomass, as well as related energy technologies and products.

We have the flexibility to invest in opportunities during various stages of growth, and often partner with other strategic investors to enhance and provide added value to projects not only in terms of funding but, most importantly, in terms of technology and technical capabilities.

Properties (Real Estate)

nd GROUP has a global perspective on developing a profitable real estate portfolio consisting of commercial and residential properties and shopping and leisure centers in both established and emerging markets.

The Group is also interested in the development of integrated mixed-use real estate, including early-stage development projects and emerging asset classes, such as senior housing and logistics facilities.

nd GROUP seeks out opportunities in Europe, the United States, various countries in Africa and Asia, and other emerging markets with promising potential.


The Fashion and Lifestyle sector of nd GROUP is aimed at investing and developing fashion and lifestyle brands worldwide.

Our approach to fashion is based not only on the extensive team knowledge and broad network in the industry, but also on the industry gap of investment funds dedicated solely to the fashion industry.

nd GROUP aims to invest both in established fashion brands and companies and also to support experienced and motivated entrepreneurial teams. We are looking for fashion start-ups that have a strong concept and are looking for start-up capital as well as assistance with a corporate structure that can enable the venture’s success.

The industry itself is going through a transformative period in terms of creativity and technological innovation, which creates a prospective market niche. Hence, our preferred opportunities are fashion companies with innovative and disruptive business models aspiring to revolutionize the fashion and lifestyle industries through creativity, innovation, and technology.


nd GROUP’s FinTech sector seeks related companies that have innovative business models, talented and committed management, attractive market opportunities, and proven execution strategies to generate sustainable revenue growth and long-term competitive advantages.

Our extensive team experience and industry network allow us to understand and assist with the many unique challenges of growing a business in the financial technology and services industry.

nd GROUP is seeking new opportunities to expand its position in the FinTech sector, including banking, leasing, and insurance-related technology companies that offer solutions to the modern needs of their customers.


nd GROUP’s sector aims to develop and invest in innovative IT, telecom, and other technology companies in a start-up or developed stage.

Furthermore, nd GROUP is focusing on assets that combine technology and service provisions, can be scalable, and that require capital and a corporate platform that can enable their growth.

nd GROUP will primarily look at developing companies in the following segments: Digital and Digital Entertainment; Software and the Internet; Electronics, Materials, Manufacturing and Engineering; Life Sciences and Biosciences.

Food and Beverages

nd GROUP’s Food and Beverage sector manages investments in food and beverage and related companies. The division is building upon its existing portfolio global reach, large purchase volumes, and efficient logistic solutions that offer a unique range of products, even to the most remote markets. In addition, the group is utilizing a combination of in-house and external multidisciplinary expertise to support the acquisition process, and, most importantly, the development process of the companies.

By leveraging the scale of its existing portfolio, nd GROUP is focusing on building long-term value with assets that can clearly showcase opportunities for global expansion or compete with market leaders in the Food and Beverage sector.
Our present portfolio and future targets include the segment of private label, food services, brand-name products, food-related non-consumables, wholesale, and distribution.


nd GROUP’s Ventures sector focuses on opportunities that are in the early development stage or may not fit into the group’s established verticals. While operating with several primary sectors, the Group is always open for opportunities that are complex, time-sensitive, or in frontier markets that may be overlooked by more conservative market participants.

nd GROUP as an investor looks for start-up companies, small businesses, and innovative ideas that are believed to have long-term growth potential but are lacking resources to move to the next phase. For such start-ups without limited access to capital markets, nd GROUP is an essential source of financing as well as corporate infrastructure. In addition, the Group puts its business acumen, broad expertise, and access to markets to grow and stabilize companies.

nd GROUP’s Ventures unit oversees the process from identification, analysis, implementation, and management up to the integration into an existing vertical.

We take a global perspective on energy sector investment, drawing on our experience to target opportunities in regions where energy supply can be challenging. We invest in both traditional and renewable projects and we are interested in opportunities where our people and our operational expertise can make a difference to either develop or scale-up projects.
Logistics and operations form a significant part of our current portfolio. Our companies provide vital support services in some of the most volatile, logistically challenging regions of the world. We therefore look for opportunities where we can draw on that track record to support businesses with both capital and operational expertise.
We have experience running complex services operations in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Our knowledge of catering, transport, facilities management and other services means we are well placed to support businesses across the services supply chain and are actively seeking to grow our portfolio in this area.
Our technology investments are diverse and we have taken in an interest in a number of digital start-ups in Europe. We are growing in the FinTech sector and we are interested in small- to medium-sized technology companies that are now looking for extra support to scale-up their operations.
We have a global perspective on real estate investment and our portfolio currently consists of commercial and residential real estate in both established and emerging markets. We are particularly interested in integrated mixed-use real estate, including early stage development projects and emerging asset classes, such as senior housing and logistics facilities.
ND Group has a specialized focus on the emerging markets in the Southeast Europe (SEE) region, especially in the countries of Kosovo, Republic of North Macedonia, and Albania. We have a deep understanding of SEE and a strong track record in the region, particularly in the logistics, services and real estate sectors.
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