There is an underlying theme in and around things we do, what we support and where we invest. It is about being responsible, building long lasting impact and, of course, creating economic value add.
Our investment approach is based on three pillars:
  • People
  • Future
  • Planet
Diversified Group Portfolio
Sector Leading & Innovative Companies
  • e-Mobility
    Driving the mass adoption of electric vehicles to reshape the future of mobility for the public good.
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    Next.e.GO Mobile is an independent German manufacturer of innovative and sustainable electric vehicles leveraging disruptive production concept in its IoP micro-factories.

    e.GO is on its mission to accelerate the transition to clean urban e-mobility globally by developing not only one of the most durable and sustainable cars in the industry but also affordable and fun to drive.

  • Autonomous Driving
    Solving today’s and tomorrow’s transportation challenges more sustainably, efficiently and effectively.
  • Alternative energy
    Supporting innovations and growth in clean energy, alternative fuels and sustainable carbon lifecycle.
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    STACK Hydrogen Solutions GmbH develops modular hydrogen fuel cell range extender to pave the way for long range e-mobility.

    STACK range extender concept is the perfect basis for a revolutionary low cost modular H2 fuel cell to power the commercial vehicle electrification progress.

  • Logistics and Solutions
    Providing integrated smart services for large operations even in the most remote or challenging locations.
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    Ecolog International is a multinational company that provides logistics services and smart solutions for a variety of industries, revolutionizing a dispersed market into a united one.

    Through dedication and expertise of more than two decades, Ecolog International has become the most reliable partner in providing support services, industrial and facility management services, food logistics, manpower, cyber security, engineering and construction etc.

  • Health Tech
    Dreaming that the word «impossible» will no longer take place in public health one day.
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    EcoCare is a healthcare division of Ecolog, providing a comprehensive set of services and products to a variety of stakeholders worldwide, ranging from governments and public sector to multinational organizations.

    The health services are mostly related to combatting the spread of COVID-19 and include an entire cycle from planning, construction and operation of laboratories, test and vaccination stations, to rapid mobilization, training and certification of personnel.

  • FinTech
    Fostering financial inclusion and enabling smart payments and money transfers without any borders.
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    OneFor is a fintech that challenges the global remittances and payment market by creating a proprietary platform enabling the most personal, connected and empowering money solution.

    OneFor money app provides a global family account with connected debit cards allowing for instant payments and transfers anytime and anywhere. The card solution is supported by Mastercard International.

  • Resources of the Future
    Pursuing the idea of respectful and sustainable usage of natural resources to support our lives in future.
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    ND Group has invested in several natural resource assets, emphasizing those critical elements essential for a sustainable future, particularly in sustainable energy, e-mobility and other diverse applications.

  • Water Technology
    Water is the foundation for all of our lives. The future is decentralized, regenerative, ocean-safe and renewable.
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    Desolenator is a patented technology revolutionizing water purification, powered by the photons of the sun.

    Desolenator uses solar energy in a new way to create high-quality water at scale. The impact goes beyond water provisioning, to create resilient communities and businesses. A frontier technology for evolved water provisioning.

  • Real Estate
    Investing into commercial and residential real estate in both established and emerging markets.
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    We have a global perspective on real estate investment. Our portfolio consists of commercial and residential real estate assets in both established and emerging markets. We are particularly interested in integrated mixed-use real estate, including early stage development projects and emerging asset classes, such as senior housing and logistics facilities.

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Alternative energy
Logistics and Solutions
Health Tech
Resources of the Future
Water Technology
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